Mommy, what is this red box for?

24 Jan 2020
red, phone, box, Gilbert Scott, K6, Jubilee kiosk, 1936, community, heartbeat, trust, public, access, defribillator, weather, protected

Mommy...what is this red box for....? This box used to have a phone in it and we used to call our friends. We can now use it to save our friends"! A massive thank you to Nicola Shields from Scotland for sharing this story and wonderful picture with us.


The famous Gilbert Scott designed K6 or Jubilee kiosk was launched in 1936 to celebrate King George V’s silver jubilee. By the 1960’s almost 70,000 kiosks could be found across the countryside, and whilst the public payphone service has undergone enormous changes since then, the traditional red kiosk had already forged itself as an iconic symbol of British life.

BT and The Community Heartbeat Trust, are working together to help communities turn their adopted telephone boxes into local medical centres, by using them as homes for Public Access Defibrillators, storing the defibrillator in a well recognised, safe, weather-protected location.

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