The important facts about Sudden Cardiac Arrest

25 May 2021
Infographic, Ruud Pijls, PhD, AED, Defibrillator, Netherlands

The Netherlands are globally recognized for being front runners when it comes to the fight against sudden cardiac arrest. Since 2007, numerous initiatives have been initiated and with spectacular results. Thanks to extensive, large-scale, scientific research by Ruud Pijls, PhD, we are now finally able to define, quantify and understand these initiatives and their impact on sudden cardiac arrest. We learned about important demographic characteristics, like average age and gender. But also where sudden cardiac arrest is most likely to occur and key-succes factors in survival rates. These valuable and evident insights provide us with substantiated guidance that allows us to make AEDs as effective as possible. We like to sincerely thank Ruud and also Hartstichting for their research which we have summarized in a special infographic.
Via the link you can download Ruud's thesis in full:

Link to full image 

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