PMT Pension Funds contributes to the AED network

14 Jul 2022


PROJECT HIGHLIGHT: Making a difference as a financial services company!

Pensioenfonds Metaal en Techniek ( PMT ) and MN have installed the first of 40 life-saving AEDs on their properties, in a project-partnership with Hartstichting and CardiAid Benelux. After identifying locations that lacked availability of an AED within their portfolio, a project was started to ensure these locations would be fitted with a life-saving AED and system.

To guarantee 24/7 accessibility, all AEDs are being placed outdoors so that their presence and usage can be maximized. Furthermore, the AEDs are registered at the civil responder system HartslagNu to create a sustainable, life saving system.

We like to congratulate all parties with this great initiative!

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