New Totem: our second new development 2019

20 Aug 2019
Brand, new, Totem, indoor, outdoor, development, 2019, construction, branding, colour options, made in Holland

As part of our continuous development of products and services we are happy to introduce our new totems!
They are suitable for in- and outdoor installations and will further contribute to the 'findability' of life saving defibrillators.
A solid steel construction and double powder-coated finish ensure a long lasting appearance. With multiple branding and colour options, the totems can be tailored to each individual installation. The totems can be used with all our cabinets and are of course 'Made in Holland'.

Read all about these new totems via the link below:


1. Sunroof
The perfect protection to maximize shade.

2. Backboard (Custom made)
Provide additional guidance and instructions.

3. Panel (Custom made) 
Promote your totem with a custom made sign.

4. Additional color
Avalaible in every color.


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