Multiple AEDs installed in Stadium Wroclaw, Poland

17 May 2016
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Another Polish football stadium becomes a heart safe place! 2 Life saving Philips defibrillators are installed at the Stadium Wroc?aw by our partner Max Harter! Stadium Wroc?aw officially joined the Polish action Active For Heart! It is enriched by two high-end Philips defibrillators #AED. The defibrillators are installed in a Rotaid AED cabinet.

About the stadium Wroclaw
The Municipal Stadium in Wroc?aw is the highest fourth category football stadium built for the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship in Poland. It is the home stadium of the ?l?sk Wroc?aw football team playing in the Polish T-Mobile Ekstraklasa.

More Stadiums in Poland
This is not the first stadium in Poland equipped with life-saving equipment by working with UPS Foundation and the Fundacja Volunteers for Sport. Also Ergo Arena and Stadion Energa Gda?sk are heart safe places to visit.

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