How North can you go?

2 Jun 2016

We designed our outdoor cabinets to make AED’s available to the public in all possible places and environments. Thousands have already been installed in a variety of venues and countries, but just recently, an installation in the upper north of Norway caught our attention.

Extraordinary location
In the upper tip of Norway lies Altevatn, approximately 1750 kilometres north of Oslo. Every year tourists come to enjoy the beautiful and untouched nature. Situated on a crystal clear lake and surrounded by mountains, the view and experience are truly spectacular. Often, the area can only be reached by dog sled because of the heavy snowfall. A number of wooden cabins are the only sign of civilization and are booked by hikers, fishermen and northern light enthusiasts.

Because of its remote location, the Bardu Red Cross installed a defibrillator on one of the cabins. With the additional danger of an avalanche, the defibrillator is a necessary piece of medical equipment for the area. Since any lay can use it, it can deploy a shock much quicker than medical professionals, that need more time to reach the area.

Green northern light
Since a lot of the day is experienced in the dark, the LED’s in our outdoor cabinet make the AED visible at all time.  So, when nature offers you a northern light show in the sky, or not, we are proud of our round, green northern light that watches over you. At all times.

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