First new development in 2019: new alarm system

30 Nov -0001
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As part of our ongoing product development, we are excited to announce our first and exciting development: the new Rotaid audible alarm system. Thanks to the feedback of our customers and users, we have been able to completely redesign our alarm system and meet the requirements that come with any installation. The new system, which is still battery powered, comes with two loudness settings which can be selected via a switch on the system. An 84dB and 98dB loudness setting are now available (measured at 1 meter from speaker) to give more options to the user and increased loudness options. A pause button is also available, that allows the user to temporarily pause the alarm when for example doing maintenance. The alarm is triggered by the same coin-sized magnet in the cover and therefore also allows for retrofitting to existing installations.

The system runs on two AA-batteries that are conveniently located on the front of the system. Changing the batteries has never been easier since the battery-cover on the front comes with an indent for easy opening and closing.

The new system can be used in all types of Rotaid cabinets and has immediate availability. Visit our Support page to view the new video and spec sheet.

new Rotaid alarm

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