Belgian city of Geraardsbergen now has heart safe centre

21 Apr 2016
aed, Belgium, city, defibrillator, geraardsbergen, high school, De Kaai, students, teachers, Nieuwsblad, Nico Coster

On April 19th the first public accessible AED was installed at Geraardsbergen’s high school De Kaai. With this installation, the school’s students, teachers and employees can enjoy a safe place to learn and work. By offering the AED to the surrounding city center as well, the school makes sure local residents and visitors can also benefit from the AED’s presence. Nico Coster, director of Koninklijk Atheneum in Geraardsbergen, noticed the absence of life saving defibrillators in the city and plans to further extend the network with 9 AED’s in close cooperation with the other schools in the city.

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