A small country with a big heart!

23 Oct 2017
Hartstichting, AED, CPR, Lay responder, Outdoor cabinet, Netherlands, 170.000

The Dutch Heart Association (Hartstichting) announced today it reached its goal of 170.000 registered lay responders. These 170.000 represent 1% of the Dutch population and make the Netherlands the first country in the world with such a large national network of responders. Next to the repsonders, the association also encouraged AED owners in making their device accessible 24 hours a day, resulting in over 1400 new Public Access Defibrillators. 

Rotaid is very proud to be part of this great project and achievement. Together with the Dutch Heart Association we remain committed to further enlarge the amount of lay responders and accessible defibrillators in the Netherlands.

Read the full dutch article from Hartstichting:

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