Community Heartbeat Trust provided the first shockbox to the NFRS

9 May 2016
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We are very proud to have provided the first Community HeartBeat Trust shockbox to the Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service. The service aims to equip all its fire stations with life saving ?defibrillators? by 2017 with support from the local community. Our Solid Plus Heat outdoor cabinet comes in a distinctive yellow livery and is combined with a custom made backboard. More installations are planned over the next months and we thank all involved for their trust.

Go to the website of Community HeartBeat Trust to find out more about their projects and see our unlocked AED cabinet as an alternative for the locked AED cabinets on the market today. The Nottingham Fire and Rescue Service are creating safer communities.

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Dutch professional football club Roda JC now has a mobile defibrillator

The medical staff of the first team of Roda JC recently added a mobile AED to their equipment. A number of terrible incidents with footballers with heart failure have raised awareness to the staff and players. The presence of an defibrillator can mean the difference between life an death in a cardiac arrest. Therefore last month all players and staff have been trained as a Lay responder. The new AED and the CPR training was offered by Rotaid partner Hartveilig. Campaign 'Reanimeren met Roda JC'Together with Hartveilig, Medtronic, Burgerhulpverlening Limburg and the municipality of Heerlen, Roda JC started the campagne 'Reanimeren met Roda JC'. On March 22nd the campaign kicked off in the Parkstad Limburg Stadium with a private CPR-session. A total of 61 participants, among others Roda JC selection players, municipality management, supporters and sponsors attended the event. Thanks to the event, a total of 213 new lay responders have been trained within six weeks. The successful campaign will take place again in 2018. On the 29th of September 2017, Roda JC will participate to the CPR relay (day) with its youth team. Former Roda JC player and ambassador of the CPR relay Roel Brouwers emphasizes the importance of CPR: "For every minute CPR is started (before the ambulance arrives), the probability of survival increases by 10%. It is a serious cause that has to be brought to everyone's attention, since 300 people are affected by a cardiac arrest every week in the Netherlands”.